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"To put it bluntly, this song is about a DUI charge I received two years ago. I decided to write the song as a narrative of my train of thought leading up to the crash and post-arrest, rather than a recollection of the actual events. This was a very dark time in my life, and I felt my only way to completely put the occurrence behind me was to finally record and release this song. This was very much so a selfish song, but I hope you can all listen and enjoy. Though I certainly don't wish for any of you to is here for those that can." - godAWFUL


I don't know what I'm runnin' from, but I know I need to get away...
I don't know where I'm running to, but I hope that I get there soon...

The Camry sat crooked, still pumpin 80 at a pace,
I let logic pass a while back, It's like I'm lazy in this race,
but maybe it is my fate, wait, maybe it's the taste, wait
maybe it's the scent in the air...I'm not coming back!

gorgeous girl in front of me, gorgeous girl behind me,
let's define irony, neither of them want me,
my brain and my cell, at a stage parallel,
half dead, half hopin they will make it to tell,

I am here, let's talk, let's exchange all our hell,
let's embrace, let's take it to a place that'll melt,
let's lay, let's display everything that we felt,
let me know that you are gonna break this as well,

third times a charm bracelet, fell from your wrist,
but I guess it's better than sayin' it never exist,
I play blind, deaf, dumb, while gettin' a grip,
but with what you pulled out, I should of been better equipped,

now - everything headlights for miles,
staring at the empty seat that you left beside me,
there is no better timing, I will die or move on,
and forgot all about you once I write a few songs,

but not now, I'm a man up on a mission,
on his breathe you can smell it's a rough transition,
see love can't listen, so he hums to deaf ears,
of little miss "don't give a fuck"-your best years,

one working cd, a bunch of dead air,
because the radio is starting to come in less clear,
so all that remains, is 'All That Remains',
a ball and a chain, and a call full of thanks,

that's when my concentration fell from the pavement,
and my fate was in the place on the screen navigating,
twisted metal never had me feeling so complacent.

that's when I hit my reset button...

don't know what I'm runnin' from, but I know i need to get away...
I don't know where I'm running to...but I hope that I get there soon...

and now my heart feels smaller than the box that I'm sleepin in,
behind a bunch of steel more contorted then the previous,
and I'm scared, not by the scene of it,
but by the fucked up fact I'm completely at peace with this,

I deserved this right, I fucking asked for it,
I was the one so eager to fast forward,
and all I could think of was my last chorus,
and how I should of told you I loved you...

but I guess that I never stood a chance,
and never could advance, with this half crooked stance,
coming back home wasn't put in the plans,
but neither was this bed made of wood & some clamps,

I found myself so open in room full of locks,
feelin like a runaway train they couldn't stop,
and when I say I'm in a place that I have never been before,
believe me it is so sayin' much more than a metaphor,

my shoelaces is gone, I must wreak of desperation,
or they noticed how fragile and easy to break I had become,
maybe they saw how I had to run
just to keep myself away from being splattered in blood,

so here I am counting grains in an hourglass,
tryin' to answer questions I didn't know how to ask,
no company kept, no sound to pass,
just a number in my head reminding me that i was bound to crash,

now I'm pounding cracks, livin in the vision of astoundin' grasp,
like how is that? wish i could of been up in loungin' nap, but out of track,
and now I ask, how proud is dad? in a footstep he left miles back,
like officer lemme dial that, I think I'm ready for my attack,

like get me the fuck up out of her, I'm bound to clear the sound of here,
shouting fear, to of town of near, and I doubt that I'ma put down that beer,
but I can dream right, and I can make strides
and I can apologize once I I see that daylight,

so put me in front the gun for the son 'cause I'm done with the runnin I'm hummin' to suttin,
I'll come up with dumpin' my gut in to lovin' but fuck it i'm nothin, I'm huffin & puffin,
like trouble and suffer is tough for the bluff and I'm bumpin' it up to another production,
I put so abundantly stuffed in the cupboard above what is pumpin my blood to the public and I

have never seen eyes that warm, never felt a heart that cold...
and all I can think is I guess should of known...

so that's when I hit my reset button....


released November 3, 2010
All music written and performed by: MUTEMATH
Lyrics written and performed by: godAWFUL




godAWFUL Hamden

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